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Fashion passion [twitter]6/9/2013 5:24:28 PM
´╗┐Fashion passion A jam-packed auditorium, boys and girls tapping to peppy beats, foodies slurping chaat and snacks, gifts, prizes and cheer! The inter-college fest at Madurai Medical College felt more like a carnival this year. A dance competition that lasted for nearly two hours on the concluding Saturday evening showcased more than a dozen varieties of fusion dance from all over the world. From Kuthupaatus of Tamil films to Shakira waka waka and Rihanna songs, students let their hair down. The recent fad gangnam style was visible among the boys. At the grand finale, the entire crowed cheered for those who walked the ramp in breathtaking outfits. The fashion parade that marked the evening gala end was the highlight of the Vyuha fest this year. Ten colleges from various districts took part in the event and showed their style sense, putting the judges in a bind. Under distinct themes, colleges from the southern districts and smaller towns like Theni took to brands and labels. was great to look lovely once in a while. We don dress up frequently in college, said Shobhana, who took part in the fashion show. Jamal Mohammed College, Tiruchi, showcased an afro-tribal theme dominated by face-painting, beaded jewellery, ivory accessories, skin drapes and dark colours. Horns, boomerangs, sickles and tribal footwear were the highlights. tried also using rags like paper and jute in our clothes, said Ismail, a participant. In a bid to depict the bikers subculture, students of Wakf Board College in Madurai catwalked with leather jackets, guitars, punk haircuts, goggles and rugged jeans. Skull-printed bandanas, dragon tattoos and piercings added to the look. The host show by Madurai Medical College fetched thundering applause. Organized by Uttara Boutique in Madurai, it spotlighted a range of 12 ethnic ensembles. Long, flowing kurtas with intricate embroideries, tight-fitting chudithars, baggy Pathani salwars and collared waistcoats with minimal thread work dominated the men wear collection. The women clothes featured billowing skirts, crisp cholis, kameez and kurtis with delicate dupattas. Bridal wear, ethnic chic, Ikat, solid black, printed and woven varieties were among the styles displayed. was my first ramp walk and I was highly excited but also equally scared. It was a worthy exposure for small town students like me, said Rajkumar, a medical student. It was a cloud-nine moment for Deepthi, student of GCE, Tirunelveli, when she was crowned Miss Vyuha. Suresh of JJ College of Engineering and Technology was crowned Mr. Vyuha.